As a new client to MaxLeases, Hunt has been very happy with the results we have seen thus far. That coupled with the overwhelmingly support service team the company has, has allowed us to really embrace this technology and use it to really understand our audience and areas for improvement.

Cindy Gersch, VP, Corporate Communications, Hunt Companies

MaxLeases has profoundly changed how our company does business. Prior to implementing MaxLeases, we used a paper guest card system that included a large amount of room for error and manipulation and severely limited our ability to manage our advertising sources and our leasing staff. MaxLeases has brought us up to date by providing a complete solution for managing advertising sources, leases and leasing staff. MaxLeases provides robust historical data and reporting that enables us to determine advertising source effectiveness, leasing staff effectiveness, lead nurturing effectiveness, and so much more. All this is easily accessible online and available with a few clicks. In addition to what is available with the standard MaxLeases program, the customer service provided has been exceptional and they have gone above and beyond to customize certain processes and reports to suit our specific needs. MaxLeases has contributed to both the productivity and profitability of our staff and communities. We would highly recommend considering MaxLeases for your call tracking and lead management needs.

Brent Gratton, Director of Multimedia Marketing & Communications, WPM Real Estate Management

We have been using MaxLeases for over 5 years and find it to be a great product.

A few things that we like best about the product include:

-Ability to search for prospective residents in the prospect database based on move in date, date needed
or floor plan style needed
-A plethora of rich reports available, we use the agent activity report for reporting by property as well as
a corporate roll up report on a daily basis
-Responsiveness of the support team on daily need
-Responsiveness of the developers in creating custom reports and information with a remarkable
turnaround time

Danette Stenta, Vice President, Marketing, Beztak Properies

About MaxLeases

MaxLeases lead management tool was built for and by property owners and managers. In 2006 we set off to create the perfect leasing management and marketing tracking application for the multifamily and property management industry. We realized that advanced technology alone would not be effective unless the application was simple to use. MaxLeases provides a user-friendly experience to ensure leasing agents personal success which leads to company top performance.

Our goal is to maximize your profits. We leverage our experience to provide a solution that enables you to maximize your marketing efforts and advertising ROI. MaxLeases ensures that every prospect lead is accounted for. You will be able to accurately identify your best performing marketing venues to maximize advertising dollars.

MaxLeases empowers your business in the multifamily and property management industry to convert more prospect leads to leases. Agents become vested by building rapport and providing a more attentive experience for the prospect. Workflow is simplified and efficient allowing your leasing teams to be precise and organized. MaxLeases provides convenient channels of communication to maintain connection with prospects.